idk i really like being called cute but i also really like hearing that you masturbate to the thought of me idk

I just got an electric toothbrush and my teeth have never been cleaner. They’re smooth like Santana 😁😁😁


In May 1995, “People magazine” placed Jeff Buckley 12th of the “50 most beautiful of the world”. Straight away Jeff went on to dye his hair black and stopped washing it, he wanted to become “ugly”. He wished to be loved due to the pure power of his music, not because he was handsome. 
However, he had something so many people dream of… he had effortless beauty… in all of the ways of his life; from apperance, performance, composing skills, the way he wrote in both lyrics, where many of them came from his poems and how he wrote those poems. 
Jeff Buckley’s soul was effortlessly beautiful and I thank him for that… as it creates the hope in me, that others can be just that too. 
(Picture from 17th May, 1995)
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what did you fuck up?

Tru luv

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what do you miss the most about being loved?

Lol why are you reminding me that no one loves me lol? Lol!


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Big exciting news: I now have an etsy store! There’s still a lot more to come, but right now there’s a handful of nice little hand-embroideries to be snapped up! Please support my otherwise jobless ass at use code BRAVO for 10% off any purchase! ✨💖🌟💝✨

AND she’s put in a discount code. She gives and gives.

YES! Use code BRAVO for 10% discount on all purchases!
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