Nude w/ Lines
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Mia Wasikowska photographed by Craig McDean for AnOther Magazine S/S 2014
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Anonymous asked:
If you want the be so supportive of your weight don't skinny shame because that's a dick move it's just as mean as fat shaming is

Every body is beautiful, but in my experience “skinny shaming” is a laughable concept comparable to reverse racism. I’ve said it before and this is the last time, the social privileges afforded to thin people makes it almost impossible to be “ashamed” of your physique.

Anonymous asked:
What's Tuesday Wednesday Thursday mean?

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday is the type of guy who you want to make breakfast for, meet your family… Basically a boyfriend.

The driver of this bus is so handsome

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Graham Dean - Close-Up Kiss, watercolor on paper, 1988
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sarah awad
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Christoph Waltz for Fantastic Man ph. by Alasdair Mclellan
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Lulu Lockhart
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